Gaspar Nicoulaud

Gaspar Nicoulaud studied computer science before he entered the Fine arts school of Nantes where he obtained his master’s degree in 2017. His aim is to focus on conceptual topics related to new technologies through digital medias and experimental music (he is also pursuing a musician career in the Paris night clubs). His work is definitely set at the point between conceptual art and the digital arts, with strong inspiration from scientific methods of hypothesis, experiment, measurement and analysis. Each of his projects explore the tensions arising between random and scientific rules in the creative field. What are the potential consequences of automating the creative process itself? What is the poetical potential of digitally programmed actions ? What is the possible nature of artificial intelligence? And where to draw the line between the conscious and the mechanical. 2D and 3D printing, sound design, photography and programmed actions are all used to create objects, images and installations which attempt to materialize these lines of reasoning. He is suggesting a different perception of transcental metaphysical questions in his work.