Baptiste Rabichon

After the Fine Arts School in Lyon, Baptiste continued his studies in Paris, where he graduated in 2014, before joining the Fresnoy Contemporary Arts National Studio (Studio National des Arts Contemporains du Fresnoy), where he concluded  major photographic work. His work is set in the crucible of photographic techniques, using traditional as well as digital, analogical and numerical, chemical and pixel techniques in his experimental use of various means of producing images. This approach enables him to renew classic photographic techniques by updating them in association with more recent technologies. His work includes a number of photograms that provide unique sources of expressive abstract forms whose results are a cross between mechanical process and intuitive expression. Since his student days at the Paris School of Fine Arts (Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris), he has had many one-man shows and participated in a number of  collective exhibitions, culminating in the exhibition of a large number of his works in the Fresnoy Panorama 19 show, principally dedicated to video productions,  in September 2017.

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